Client Testimonials:

Lance has taken care of the La Croix Family legal affairs and trust accounts for three generations. His timeliness and detail creates the security of knowing my legal affairs are in good hands. I am confident in his ethics and ability and recommend him without reservation.
Terry La Croix Jr., Former Mayor of Alameda
We have utilized the services of Lance Russum as our attorney over a number of years. He has advised us on estate planning and other legal issues for an elderly parent and ourselves. We would not hesitate to use him again, and we have referred friends to him. Lance is ethical, fair and caring. We respect him as an attorney and as a friend.
Dave and Sheryl Gattey
For over forty years, The Law Offices of W. Lance Russum have represented three generations of my family in both personal matters and business affairs. I have found them to be fair and sensible in their advocacy to myself and my family, in matters ranging from estate planning and family issues to business succession and corporate and partnership structuring. I would unconditionally recommend them to anyone in need of these services.
Jim Taylor, Global Plumbing Supply Co.
It has been many years, even several decades that I have known Lance Russum, and I cherish his friendship and our business relationship. Lance has been instrumental in several phases or my and my wife’s life, including the development and revisions to our Will and all of the ramifications thereto, advising me and helping me in filing documents as the executor of my brother’s estate, advising and dealing with business claims, and in general sharing his thoughts regarding legal implications on a number of business matters. He does all of this work while maintaining a positive, pleasant demeanor.

I have found him to be knowledgeable and trustworthy in all of our dealings. I expect that he will continue to be our attorney in family matters as well as continuing to provide insight and knowledge into business matter that may arise.

I would recommend him to others who may be in need of similar type of legal assistance.

Raymond Moser, President Rasar, Inc.
My family has been acquainted with Lance Russum since about 1965 and since that time Lance has taken care of all our family’s legal issues. Lance took care of my mother’s business until her passing in 1982 and has been my legal advisor and confidant for almost 50 years. When my father died in 1972 my sister was living in Pasadena at the time and had previously drawn up his will by herself and it was a complete disaster. Lance had know our family history through the years and was able to work with legal offices in Pasadena to help my sister turn over her obligation of trustee of our father’s estate to me.

Lance has done a myriad of legal work such as setting up Wills for my wife and I as well as my wife’s parents. He has set up all the trusts for my family. He has taken care of my children and grandchildren’s legal issues which includes advocating for a grandchild who had an issue with the Alameda County Juvenile System.

When I decided to retire and lease my business out, Lance was a great help on negotiating terms and conditions for the lease for my place of business. He will always be the one we turn to when we need any legal advice and services. Lance has been and continues to be very good asset to our family for almost 5 decades.

Charles Watts
Lance has represented my family for over 40 years, as well as my wife’s family for almost as long. Always professional with legal advice- as well as friendly, caring advice when necessary.

Lance has always been a great family friend, and I feel very fortunate to have had his advice many times in the past as his advice was always the right advice.

Clark Bailey
Cliff an I have been personal friends with Mr. Lance Russum since 1965, our children have gown up together, spent vacations and holidays together, so obviously we enjoy each others company. In addition, I worked for Lance as the office manager for six months when he needed some organization changes.

Second, Mr Russum has been the only lawyer we have uses since our introduction. Lance represented our daughter when she was in college and was bitten by a dog. He was successful in obtaining a monetary settlement for her.

Currently, his office is representing our son during divorce proceedings.

Our family trust and estate planning was set up for us in December 2000.

We have the utmost faith in his ability and integrity.

Cliff and Janet Dutrow
My parents and I have known Lance since grammar school in the late 1940’s-1950’s. Lance represented them and myself since he started practicing law dealing with many legal issues over the years, estate planning, tenant- real property, elder abuse, claims, including the reversal of sales and transfer of stocks-bonds by a bank stock broker who tried to take advantage of my elderly mother. Lance has always been respectful, fair, honest, and trust worthy as our attorney and friend.
Phyllis Nelson Klays