Probate and Trust Administration

If there is ever a time in which you don’t want to make important financial and legal decisions, it’s after the death of a loved one. Unfortunately, this happens all too often when a will or a trust was not completed properly, moves into probate, a will is contested or the estate has a few loose ends that need to be tied up. Fortunately, The Law Offices of W. Lance Russum can work with you and serve as sound legal counsel throughout the trust and probate process so you can move forward with as little stress as possible.

We work closely with personal representatives, executors, trustees and others to make sure that your wishes are carried out in the manner you intended.

probate and trust administration

What is Probate?

Probate is a required legal process in which the court supervises the administration of a decedent’s estate. This process can become very complicated, unnecessarily costly, time-consuming and public. This is one reason we recommend that clients create a trust, rather than a will, since trusts are separate from the probate process.

In the event that a loved one’s will is going through the probate process, your journey through the probate system will be much more smooth with guidance from conscientious and compassionate lawyers who can navigate the complicated forms, timelines and paperwork for you.

What is Trust Administration?

While the designation of an estate’s trustee is an honor, it comes with a great deal of responsibility. From statutory notice requirements, prompt expense payments, relevant tax form and payments, and the distribution of the remaining assets to the heirs as per the decedent’s instructions, the duties can begin to feel overwhelming. The Law Offices of W. Lance Russum has served hundreds of clients over the years, helping them to administer even the most complex of trusts in a stress-free and expedient manner. The simple act of retaining a lawyer to help you with the trust administration can help to alleviate personal liability risks and ensures your actions follow the letter of the law.

Contested Wills and Trusts

Unfortunately, even the most well executed wills can be contested. The law specifies that beneficiaries, or those who think they should have been beneficiaries, have the right to contest the will within a certain period of time. Additionally, there are often unresolved property or financial disputes taking place at the time of the decedent’s death, which can further complicate matters pertaining to the estate. Will contests are very emotionally charged cases and the sooner you begin working with a lawyer the better in order to keep the case moving forward in an organized and legally sound manner. Our lawyers are experienced at defending claims both for and against estates or personal representatives.

Contact an Alameda Trust and Probate Administration Team

Whether you have questions about setting up your will or trust administration, have discovered you have been granted the designation of trustee or administer of someone else’s estate, or are dealing with probate issues that have moved beyond your control, the legal team at The Law Offices of W. Lance Russum is here to help you navigate the trust and probate process. Contact us to schedule a consultation and put your mind at ease.