Elder Law

At The Law Offices of W. Lance Russum, we are committed to assisting senior citizens and the elderly plan the medical, financial and legal course for their remaining years. This often involves the assistance of family members, caregivers, medical professionals and others, depending on the senior’s physical and mental abilities.

The arena of Elder Law covers a range of legal concerns that effect a senior’s overall quality of life and aims to protect their financial well-being, create legally binding medical directives and end-of-life care decisions as well as facilitating Medi-Cal long-term care benefits, retirement benefits, Trusts, Wills, Conservatorships and Powers of Attorney.

Taking the time to meet with a legal professional to discuss these issues now can save a considerable amount of time, energy and money down the road.

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It’s Never too Early to Consider the Elder Law Issues That Will Affect You or Your Loved Ones

Often, issues pertaining to elder law are not addressed until things have become more complicated and emotionally overwhelming for the person(s) in question and/or their loved ones. Now is the time to begin making the decisions that will ensure you or your senior loved ones have their affairs in order and will receive the level of care they deserve when they are no longer able to care for themselves.

Items pertaining to elder law include:

Medi-Cal Planning. Medi-Cal is only available to those who qualify. Determining factors include things like income, assets and other available financial resources. In many cases, it’s in your best interest to meet with an Elder Care lawyer who handles Medi-Cal planning and begin making strategic changes to your financial affairs. We can work within Medi-Cal’s rules to liquidate, transfer, and otherwise change the nature of your assets and financial resources to ensure you qualify for Medi-Cal benefits when you need them.

Estate Planning. In order to avoid will contest, financial hardship for those left behind, potential probate issues and other estate-related complications, it’s imperative that your estate planning is done as thoughtfully and meticulously as possible. An estate that has been organized and properly managed will take care of itself when the time comes that your heirs and beneficiaries are to be notified. The Law Offices of W. Lance Russum provides individualized estate planning to ensure your beneficiaries are taken care of and that your estate is taxed as minimally as possible.

Medical Directives and End of Life Care Decisions. If you suffer a medical emergency and are not able to make decisions for yourself, the medical establishment is under obligation to do whatever they can to keep you alive. For many adults, particularly seniors, this can be an incredibly traumatizing event and it can completely devastate families who are left not knowing what your wishes would be. Completing your medical directive and paperwork regarding end of life wishes can ensure your personal wishes are respected while alleviating the burden from a surviving spouse and/or family members who are forced to make decisions for you.

Conservatorship. A conservatorship is a court ordered position which grants a conservator the full control to take over decision-making and actionable responsibilities for any adult who is no longer able to do it for him or herself. This includes decisions regarding healthcare as well as financial matters. The conservator is monitored by the court and must complete detailed records that are submitted to the court on a regular basis. In many cases, a conservatorship is not necessary and, rather, a Power of Attorney makes the most sense. We can meet with you to determine which route is the wisest route for your situation.

Schedule a Consultation to Discuss Elder Law Issues – Including Medi-Cal Planning

Would you like to create a clear and direct path towards a secure future for yourself and your loved ones? Schedule a consultation with a lawyer from The Law Offices of W. Lance Russum so we can discuss your concerns. The medical, financial and legal issues that arise when a loved one can no longer act on his or her own behalf can be overwhelming. We can assist surviving spouses, family members, executors and trustees to help the process go more smoothly.